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Monday, February 25, 2013

Rhino - Watercolour on Paper

Please forgive the quality of the photo, I definitely have to invest in a good quality camera, sooner, rather than later. I really enjoyed doing this watercolour, because it gave me the freedom to explore with some bold colors in the shadowy bits. Watercolours are very unpredictable and I held my breath hoping that I would not spoil the painting with my impulsive use of strong colour. I must say, I was very pleased with the result as well as the new owner. This painting have since been sold.

Speaking of Rhino's - this brings me to a very sore point. The vast majority of Africa's Rhino's are in South Africa. Currently our game rangers are fighting a fierce battle to keep the poachers at bay. Each time a Rhino gets killed for it's horn, it really feels like a dagger going through my heart. I do hope and pray that we'll win this war against Rhino poaching. They are such special animals. There are various groups and organisations which you may contact, should you wish to assist in any small way..

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